"I differ from other musicians in that music to me is a means to a greater expression – it is the human experience of the artist that I am ultimately after. The best musicians are the ones who first and foremost know how to connect with their audience and deliver a message in every single note. That is what is all about.  I hear many musicians show off their originality or popularity or their knowledge of theory or how fast they can shred or how much attention they attract – all of which to me is fine and well but can be hollow without any purpose."

- Interview with Voyage LA, 8/20/2019


"The band acknowledges the world in its topsy turvy state, and has issued a vaccine in the form of this five-track album. As soon as I fired it up, I could feel the tight knots in my muscles unwind . . . Case Hop Tally definitely grabbed a hold of my heart with this one. I'm gonna go ahead and put it high on my 'must listen' list, especially if you're someone who needs their mind to shut the hell up once in a while."

- Rebecca Rothschild, Divide and Conquer, 4/2/2018